Eat Noodles To Lose Weight?

Yes Jen’s Noodles are awesome to help you lose weight.


But weight there is so much more! 

Besides its role with the benefits of weight loss, this super fiber found in this amazing plant are proven to help reduce the risk of heart disease and steadily lower cholesterol levels.

Jen’s Noodle are a perfect choice. ideal for diabetic diets or those suffering from excessive insulin production. Konjac also helps to slow the rate sugars from food are absorbed after meals. Jen’s Noodles are Grain free, gluten free they suit any diet, weather you are on a low carb diet, sugar free, Paleo, Dukan, Gluten free, Coeliac, Diabetic or Detox Diet.

Jens Noodles are made from the root of the Konjac plant. The Japanese have been using Konjac for over 1,500 years. It was originally introduced to Japan as a medicine in the sixth century.

Amorphophallus (the Greek name for konjac) underground tubers. The main active ingredient in konjac food is glucomannan 97% percent of Konjac is water and 3% is Glucomannan a dietary fiber.

Glucomannan is highly absorbent and a proven ingredient to combat hunger pangs and sugar cravings, It is Truly a Gift From Nature, the answer to healthy sustainable slimming without any harmful side effects.

Listed  below are some of the known benefits from adding Jen’s Noodles to your diet.


Top 10 Benefits of Eating Jen’s Noodles.

  1. Ideal for Diabetics– They Control glucose spikes — the glucomannan in Jen’s Noodle delays the absorption of glucose and fat. Glucose and lipid levels are gradually decreased. As a result, high blood sugar and high blood lipids are decreased and prevents blood glucose from spiking (clinically proven to be more effective than xanthan gum and psyllium). Controls insulin surges— the glucomannan in Jen’s Noodles, by slowing glucose uptake in the small intestine, reduces the body’s need for insulin.
  2. Low calories— Jen’s noodles are starch-free noodles, and they have only 6 calories per serve, which doesn’t get absorb by the body, therefore they are NET ZERO CALORIES. (Konjac Glucomanna) has been shown to delay and block the absorption of some of the fats in your diet. It binds to fat in the intestines, preventing some fat absorption. This means that you absorb less fat from the foods you eat,  decreasing your overall calorie intake.
  3. Lowers calorie uptake— the glucomannan in Jen’s Noodles increases the viscosity of the gastro-intestinal content and reduces rate of food (calories, fat, cholesterol, sugar) absorption in the small intestine. Consuming a meal with Jen’s Noodles is that one absorbs less calories from the other foods eaten with it, Glucomannan pushes more calories out through your colon, rather than letting them be absorbed. creating a lower calorie content per weight of food you eat.
  4. Promotes satiety— the glucomannan in Jen’s Noodles is made up largely of water and soluble fibre. The fibre attracts water and forms a gel, which slows down digestion and can reduce the heat absorption of nutrients.. Soluble fiber delays the emptying of your stomach and increasing the feeling of fullness, They prolong digestion and which can help achieve weight loss goals.
  5. Surprisingly Lowers cholesterol- Glucomannan can effectively dissolves fluids in the large intestine and forms a gel that binds with bile acids in the intestines. As a result, the liver converts more cholesterol to bile acids, and blood cholesterol levels are reduced . A meal containing Jen’s Noodle can flushing out cholesterol from the GI tract will also contribute to reducing cholesterol in the blood.
  6. Reliefs Constipation / laxative effect— glucomannan is a dietary fiber and prevents constipation by increasing bulk in the colon, stool softening, speed up the defecation rate, reduce the intestinal pressure, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and relieve the pain of constipation. without the discomfort associated with most other dietary fibers. They often recommended as a gentle laxative to assist people with intestinal and digestive problems.
  7. Probiotic /Prebiotic Activity— while keeping the intestines clean and assisting the movement of the bowels, serves as food for bacteria in the colon and helps enhance immunity. Encouraging Lactobacillus bifidus, It feeds the good lactic acid bacteria in your intestines so they multiply. These lactic acid bacteria inhibit Candida, which is a good thing The fibre is like a gentle scrub for your intestinal tract, aids digestion and assists with weight loss.Mixed Box
  8. Amazingly High in Alkaline- According to a Japanese Researcher, Dr. Kotaro Nishizaki, when measured up to all of the foods on the pH Value chart, the konjac powder indicated to be the  highest in alkaline value, Alkalinity on the whole foods chart. The food with the highest alkalinity on the chart is Wakame Seaweed.
  9. They Help Detoxification- in order to shorten the time that food stays in the stomach, in general, ordinary food needs 28 hours to empty from the intestine, this super fibre only need 14-16 hours, which greatly reduces harmful substances absorption, that can help the body get rid off and dilute carcinogenic and toxic substances, which to some extent, provides anti-cancer functions.
  10. Prebiotic activity— serves as food for bacteria in the colon and helps enhance immunity. Encouraging Lactobacillus bifidus growth in the lower intestine, according to the Konjac Foods website. The fibre scrubs your intestinal tract, aids digestion and assists with weight loss.

These are just 10 benefits, there are so many more, please check out my website to read what the studies are saying. Jensnoodles

Dr Oz talks about weight loss with Glucomannan (Jen’s Noodles)

Are all non dairy alternatives healthy?


Are all milk substitutes healthy?

In my opinion, not really!

With so many of us looking for dairy alternatives like Soy, Almond, coconut, oat,rice or hemp milk… there have been so many new varieties of non-dairy milks popping up in our food stores.

While these milk substitutes sound good according to the claims on the packages, the ingredients in these processed products tell a different story.

Here are some reasons to think twice before buying non-dairy milks:

Almond milk

Does it contain CARRAGEENAN?

 Carrageenan sounds seemingly harmless right?– after all it’s natural as its is derived from red seaweed found throughout the coasts of North America and Europe. It is used in some organic products, as a thickener, stabilizer, and/or emulsifier, it is used in dairy products (sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, etc),dairy alternatives (non-dairy milk, non-dairy cheese, jams jellies etc), deli meat products, toothpastes, prescription pills, and a heap of other things.

As it turns out, several studies in the early 2000s suggested that a certain type of carrageenan — degraded carrageenan, which has been hydrolyed, or broken down by acid. Some research links carrageenan to gastrointestinal inflammation, lesions, and even colon cancer in animals. Individuals with Inflammatory Bowel Disease or other gastrointestinal disorders are cautioned to avoid this ingredient as it can make symptoms – and inflammation – even worse.

For many people the stomach acid is a little stronger than other people and so their stomach breaks the molecule down further, allowing it to be passed into the blood when it normally wouldn’t be, and as a result it turns into a carcinogen that the body attacks with an immune response, which in my case is inflammation of the digestive tracks and then inflammation of the skin.

Like many other food additives, carrageenan has been deemed safe for consumption in small quantities. As it’s in many process foods (even the good organic ones!) just limiting your intake of these foods will limit your intake of additives like carrageenan.

With all my allergies I will always continue my research (if you’re doing the same, here‘s a great place to start) and be more mindful of the additives that are in the products that we buy.

Check out this research on carrageenan see this PDF document

If you have any tummy bloating, pain, discomfort please look into this ingredient and make your own informed opinion.

What about Natural flavours”?

There is nothing pure or natural about the flavors they produce – strawberry and vanilla can come from a “beaver’s backside,” according to the Givaudan scientists. Most of us know artificial flavors derived from petroleum aren’t good for us,

Natural flavor can legally contain natural occurring “glutamate” bi-products like MSG, some of the chemicals that cause your taste buds to experience irresponsibility when it comes to food.

I want to know EXACTLY what is in the food that I eat. That is why I prepare most of my food from scratch.

I highly recommend watching this clip below

Meet the scientists who create flavors that make foods and beverages so tasty that critics say they’re addictive

Any Added Synthetic and Isolated Vitamin?

Vitamin D2 is a synthetic and isolated form of the vitamin and, as a result, is extremely poorly absorbed (here’s the study). It offers no viable benefit to the body and may actually be harmful. Some experts believe that D2 actually desentitizes the D3 receptors, making us more prone to vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin A only creates toxicity in uber-extreme doses, moderate overdoses of synthetic vitamin A can cause toxicity (read more about synthetic vs. natural vitamin A) efficiency!

Isolated calcium, is not going to be optimally absorbed by the body. Best explained on this post

What about Locust bean gum and Guar Gum?

If you have gut issues, it would probably be best to avoid locust bean gum and Guar Gum.

Do they contain refined vegetable oils?

Most nut or seed milks contain refined canola oil, corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower seed oil, and/or soybean oil.

Corn and soy oils are heavily-sprayed and 90% is from GMO crops.

Vegetable oils are extracted with toxic solvents as well as high heat and pressure,  that become rancid and toxic.

What about Soy Milk?

When it comes to non-dairy milk options, soy milk is by far the worst choice.

Soy contains high amounts of phytoestrogens which may cause hormone damage by consuming soy products.

Over 90% of soy produced in the U.S. is genetically modified and the crops are sprayed with the herbicide Roundup, which may be associated with adverse effects on health.

Read more about soy here

  • Soy is super high in mineral-blocking phytic acid.
  • Soy impairs thyroid function which lowers metabolism. This leads to hair thinning, skin problems, and weight gain.
  • Soy contains substances that interfere with protein digestion. This can cause serious pancreas problems, including pancreatic cancer.

What about coconut milk?

Coconut has an excellent fatty acid profile with lots of fat burning medium chain fatty acids and very little PUFA. But we have to be careful when buying coconut milks because they can have the same problems of other milk substitutes.

I don’t recommend buying cartons of coconut milk, because these often contain carrageenan. The best option coconut milk in BPA-free cans and additive-free, although the can lining likely still leaches chemicals into the milk.

So what can you use instead!

Find some brands that don’t contain any of these ingredients, now that you are armed with this knowledge read the label.

In my option, the best non-dairy milk is homemade is best, it is super easy!

I love coconut milk.

Recipe below

Make a couple of batches and keep some in the freezer. It will last about 3-4 days in the fridge, and months in the freezer.

Homemade coconut milk instructions


  • 4 cups water
  • 1.5 – 2 cups unsweetened coconut flakes


  • Heat water until hot (but not boiling).
  • Add shredded coconut and water to blender (preferably a Vitamix!) If all of the water won’t fit, you can add it in two batches.
  • Blend on high for several minutes until thick and creamy.
  • Pour through a colander to filter out the coconut pulp, then squeeze through a cheesecloth
    or nutmilk bag to filter the smaller pieces of coconut.
  • If you separated the water into two batches, put the strained coconut back into the blender with the second batch of water.
  • Drink immediately or store in the fridge. Fresh coconut milk should be used within 3-4 days of making it for the best flavour and texture.

Blog : http://www.inhabitots.com/a-guide-to-the-pros-cons-of-6-popular-cows-milk-alternatives/top-cows-milk-alternatives

So why are these ingredients allowed in our organic foods? watch this quick video

Mark Kastel Presentation About Organic Watergate

What is Your Attitude to Gratitude?


The Wikipedia definition of “Gratitude” is: Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.

To be honest my attitude need an over hall, over the last few months.

I have not been practicing gratitude, as you know I have had an down ward spiral with my health and there were many things I didn’t like about my life, and it was really hard to focus on being thankful.

It was much easier to be miserable and complain.

For years I read about the  importance of gratitude, I have been grateful most of the time, I know my attitude has a huge impact on my overall health and I  knew that I needed to get back into the habit of expressing gratitude.

So I started to read again May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein  I started to focus on “How can being thankful really can change my life?”

Every night as I collapsed into bed, I would search back through the day for one moment for which I was grateful.


Practicing gratitude can strengthen your immune system, bring more joy and increase your happiness. There are two root causes of our life’s problems: the feeling of “not being good enough” or “not having enough”, and the notion that we will be satisfied once we become something or get something. But the frenzy for material possessions can take over, and that’s when all sense of gratitude vanishes and we simply fail to count our blessings. What seeps in here is the destructive sense of worry, ingratitude and dissatisfaction with our present life.

What we probably do not realize is that being thankful for what we have is not merely our state of mind. In fact, when we choose to fret and fume over what we don’t possess, we actually stand at a risk of losing whatever we already have. After all, it is our mind that rules our body. There is no way we can go on to being successful in life unless our mind is first happy and satisfied and then yearns for more.

It is the sense of gratitude that is the driving force of a happy and successful life. Here, we give you a set of 7 time-tested ground rules that guide you on how you can be grateful for what you have before you set to strive for what you don’t.

1. You get what you deserve and need

Nothing more than you need and not before you deserve; that’s indeed the unspoken universal rule! Be thankful for what you have today, be it the people around, your circumstances or your possessions. Know that the Universe knows exactly what you need and deserve, and sends it your way at the right moment. Sense this in your life, be aware of it and above all, learn to be thankful for it.

2. Choose to be grateful

Well, whether to complain for what you don’t have or to be thankful for what you have is a conscious choice you make yourself. You can choose to be happy over what you have and then strive for what you need next. Worrying over what you don’t have or can’t achieve in the present is merely a way to waste the precious present moments.

3. Look around you

When in fear or frustration, look around yourself for examples of resilience, patience and gratitude. Learn to observe how birds are grateful to Mother Nature for their homes, food and life. Observe how trees stand tall and brave the fury of storms, rains and the ever-changing seasons. More you look into it, more you will find examples of how being grateful has helped various living things survive and prosper happily.

4. Watch your language.

Grateful people have a particular linguistic style that uses the language of gifts, givers, blessings, blessed, fortune, fortunate, and abundance. In gratitude, you should not focus on how inherently good you are, but rather on the inherently good things that others have done on your behalf.

5. Count your blessings…each day

By being thankful and satisfied doesn’t imply that you don’t need to work any harder for bigger achievements. All it means is that you stay away from the dreaded feeling of anxiety and frustration that stems for being ungrateful. Count your little blessings every day, be it good health, four square meals a day or people you love. Know that there are many people in the world who are not even blessed with that much!

6. Think positive to achieve the positive

You might not have heard this, but its’ true. Your thoughts can shape your life. Have you ever noticed that if you keep telling yourself that the present tough times shall pass and you are happy with what you have, you actually get the courage to deal with the crisis? The human mind is a powerful machine. To think positive and steer the course of actions that way is a power that lies absolutely within!

7. Look for the hidden ways to be thankful!

Once you have the mindset to be first thankful for the life you have, you will find hundreds of ways to do that. As you live your normal daily routine, you will find an umpteen number of hidden opportunities to be thankful for the bounties you have. Being capable enough to work and earn, being amiable enough to make friends and relationships, being capable enough to be able to help someone are just a few of these!

Remember, people who practice gratitude tend to be more creative, bounce back more quickly from adversity, have a stronger immune system, and have stronger social relationships.

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” Epicurus

Source: http://www.bewellbuzz.com/…

Below is a mixture of resources for you, around the concept of Gratitude

This is a 10 minute MUST watch video on Gratitude and Happiness.

Gratitude by Louie Schwartzberg


Guide: May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness. By Gabrielle Bernstein. In this inspiring guide, Gabrielle offers an exciting plan for releasing fear and allowing gratitude, forgiveness, and love to flow through us without fail. All of which, ultimately, will lead to breathtaking lives of abundance, acceptance, appreciation, and happiness.

Reads; Gratitude: A Way of Life by Louise L. Hay. In this book, Louise has gathered together the insights and wisdom of some of the most inspirational teachers and authors she knows, people who have demonstrated the power of gratitude in their own lives.

Blog: How to Start a Gratitude Journal

APP: Gratitude 365 Journal “The gratitude journal truly changed my life.” – Oprah Winfrey

Journal: The Secret of Gratitude Book by Rhonda Byrne this beautiful journal offers a framework for practicing the power of gratitude each day, enabling you to attract every magnificent thing you want into your life.

I work with women all around the world either in person or via Skype. I work in all areas of Health, Weight Loss Food as Medicine and Self Care. I also offer a free 15 minute chat to see if we are a great fit.

May you be well nourished xx




10 Creative Ways to Enjoy “ME Time”


They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

~ Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

“It’s not selfish to want to have your own time, to do things you enjoy,”

“There’s a tremendous amount of stress and pressure put on women: being parents, being daughters, mothers, wives, professionals. All of these roles combined leave many of us not taking adequate care of ourselves.

If you have children still at home or a busy business person, it is exhausting, your children depend on you for everything. You’re responsible for most of your family’s well being, from managing the finances to keeping track of homework assignments, meals, and extra-curricular activities and all the other fun family stuff.

No “Me Time” = Stress

Stress can lead to emotional issues including poor self-image and depression. It can also contribute to weight gain, insomnia and premature aging. Additionally, a stressful life can cause physical health problems, ranging from gastrointestinal issues to high blood pressure. Stress can increase your chances for heart attack and stroke, while also worsening illnesses and diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Taking minimum of 15 minutes a day create some pockets of “me time” or 1 whole day or ½ day a week/fortnight where you can get in touch with who you are as an individual and replenish your energy levels.

Here are ten tips for creating that precious “me time” on a regular basis to concentrate on you and only you can allow you, which will reduce stress, avoid burnout, improve concentration and increase your energy.

1.  Make Yourself a Priority; First, realize how important it is, I frequently reference the airplane oxygen mask exercise. The instructions outline that you need to put your mask on first before you put a mask on anyone else traveling with you. The reasoning for this is because you need to have your wits about you when you are going to help others. Take care of you first, because is critical to fulfilling all your responsibilities to those around you. Live guilt free in the knowledge that by taking care of you, you are the best you can be, which in turn allows you to do your best taking care of everyone else who is important to you. Prioritizing all your to-do’s can be challenging. Frequently the me-time activities end up way down at the bottom of your list, or worse, they don’t even make the cut. The answer is to create short daily to-do lists.

2. Schedule Your “Me” Time; Make a Date With Yourself, book in your “me time” as important as the any other appointment, a conference call, or a meeting with the contractor. Treat it just like any other appointment. Go take a look at your calendar; the habit of regular, sustainable “Me Time” won’t become a reality until you actually schedule it on your calendar. So grab a pen right now and mark at least one “Me Time” date for this week/month, even if it means hiring a babysitter.

3. Get Up Earlier; You’ve probably heard this so many before. Yes I know that you’re so tired, you just want to sleep in. I want you to just try it! For at least seven days in a row, you’re not going to realize how powerful it is until it becomes routine. Start by setting your alarm for just fifteen minutes before you really need to get up.  Then use that time to listen to the quiet, meditate, yoga, write in a journal, or engage in another activity that restores your soul. Do not, however, use this time to get a head start on chores. Use this time for you.

4. Get organized; when it comes to Cooking, cleaning and household duties, obligations take longer than they should because of lack of organization. Learn how to make meals in 10-15 minutes, plan out a week’s worth of meals ahead of time. Utilize storage containers, shelving and other organizing tools to keep your house clutter-free. Try washing a load of laundry every evening, instead of letting it build up all week.

5. Learn the art of saying no, Delegating duties is a gift you give to yourself; learn to delegate and to accept help without feeling guilty. There is no need to   do everything for your children. They are able to do some tasks on their own. Take the time to teach them how to do things for themselves. Being firm is okay; children like structure. They want to know your “no” boundaries. If your child asks you for something that you are refusing, don’t try to soften your “no” answer with a follow up, “okay?” Train yourself to be making statements instead of asking a question. If your kids think you aren’t comfortable with your decision unless they’re comfortable, they’ll push back.

6. Give Yourself at Least One Night Off Per Week; Part of what you need in your life is some time in your head – time to think , to plan, to dream. This is one of the most rejuvenating gifts you can give yourself! So at least once a week, give yourself a night off. After the kids have gone to bed, resist the urge to do the things you would normally do, like chores or watching TV. Instead, spend some time pursuing a hobby you love, reading a book, or reconnecting with a friend. Everything else can wait.

7. Use Your Shower Time; Those few minutes you spend in the shower each day are probably the most regular “alone time” you get. Plan to use it well! Purchase a body brush, make yourself some yummy coconut oil rub with a aromatherapy oil that you love, and make the most of the few minutes you have to yourself. While you’re there, take some deep breaths and let the water wash away some of that tension you’re carrying.

8. Take a Walk on Your Lunch Hour; at least once a week, break away from the employee break room and go for a short walk on your lunch hour. This doesn’t mean skipping lunch altogether, of course. You need those calories to sustain you through the afternoon. Eating a light meal and going out for a brisk walk is a great way to clear your head and exercise your body.

9.Team up with other moms; Find a couple other moms in your area with kids of similar ages. Make it a plan to swap babysitting duties a few times a week to give each other a break. Sure, there will be one day a week where you are responsible for a few extra kids, but you’ll also be able to find some much needed free time. Another idea is depending on where you live start a group on line mommy time and at least once a month every one meet out for something fun ” manicures, movies then dinner.

10. Find something that you love to do; Find something that you love to do. What gives you a sense of pride, accomplishment or enjoyment?  Think back to when you last felt this sort of passion. Now, ask yourself: “What would it take to put that feeling back into my life? What can I do to recreate that feeling now?” When you’ve found your passion, make time for it in your regular schedule.

I always feel better after I’ve had my personal time. It is like my battery has been recharged. I believe taking that time off always helps me to focus more clearly on my family, friends, work, and study.

This is a hilarious video of George Carlin discussing time:

makes you realize that we stress over something that isn’t even real.


How I overcome allergies naturally.


I am finally getting back to normal.

Life has been a challenge over the last few weeks. There have been many days of waking up exhausted, in pain, itchy with welts and hives covering my body, externally and internal, caused from my body overreacting to an over load of histamines that have been flooding my blood. It is like been stung be a 1000 bees and swallowing a few.

I would go to bed with every night with great intention to get up early to start with my training schedules, instead I drag myself out of bed, finding it a challenge to even put on my clothes. If you suffer from any allergies or hangovers lately you know what I am talking about.

It felt like I had a hangover or the flu, I couldn’t think straight with the constant body aches and brain fog, (inflammation of my brain). By lunchtime I needed a nanny nap to get through the rest of the day. Living on anti-histamine to feel normal was depleting my gut flora my immune system even more.  Managing my  autoimmune disorder for many years now, I knew that my immune system usually responds to some insult such as an allergen, or toxins, and then it snowballs out of control. Finding and removing that trigger are the key to feel normal again and every attack seem to have a different trigger.

Why was my body out of balance and how did I help it?

Inflammation the silent killer.

Inflammation is normally part of a healthy immune response, it intention is to to keep us safe and tell us that something is in dis-ease. However, when too much inflammation is present in the body, it begins to play a crucial role in the advancement of a number of major diseases.

Here are a few of my triggers, mix them altogether can trigger an inflammation snowball response.

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. Epictetus

A build up of emotional stress; I really like the work of Louise Hay. She has a book You Can Heal Your Life. She says that if we choose to attach to a negative emotion or any thought, then it creates an energy that becomes stored in whatever corresponding body part. And, it waits until we choose to bring it back to its original state, which is a state of love, until that health issue can then go away.

So, if we keep storing this negative emotion and we don’t do our emotional cleanup work, physical symptoms appear. So, I have taken some time to Look. Listen. Feel. and, really start to see what’s going on within.

In her books she says that…

Hives: Small, hidden fears, mountains out of molehills.

INFLAMATION is resistance to what is happening, a build-up of angry emotions, could be repressed anger from the distant past. And, she always gives a new thought pattern. here are a few..

“I give myself permission to be all that I can be. I love and appreciate myself and others.”

So next time… I feel overwhelmed, take a break and go for a walk, call a friend, meditate, Practice deep relaxation like yoga, deep breathing, or go get a massage, because stress worsens the immune response , so be kind to yourself.

I wasn’t maintaining the 80/20 Rule; I was working 100%, stressed and overworked, 80/20 rule is simply eating whole natural foods 80% of the time and allow yourself to indulge 20 % of the time. Ideally, our bodies’ pH level should have an 80% alkaline, 20% acid balance. Life balance working 80% fun 20%.

You don’t have to be perfect to make healthy choices 100% of the time to be fit, happy and healthy. Don’t get me wrong, healthy eating is important, trying to be PERFECT cause stress, Life is meant to be enjoyed, and if having a piece of cake or a glass of wine at your friends party is going to bring you pleasure, then just eat the cake. That’s why I needed to get back to 80/20 rule; 80% work, 20% fun.

I wasn’t exercising, I was so busy and tired, I stopped regular exercise, this week I started off real steady with exercising at least 30 minutes of moderately everyday, As with most things, moderation is the key,  (message to self) too much exercise can exacerbate the inflammation cascade. so embark on a fitness routine that includes moderate-intensity activities that raise your heart rate to approximately 70% of maximum heart rate, I started to add in short anaerobic bursts and I do two or three weight-training workouts a week.

I was out of the habit of drinking lots of clean water; when you think about it, inflamed means on fire, water puts out fire. There fore water is necessary to maintain an ideal internal body temperature –so water will decrease inflammation in the body. I have a jug of water on my desk and I make sure that is is gone before 11, fill it up and drink that before 5, that way I’m not up all night.

Lack of sleep; I wasn’t getting my regular 8-9 hours sleep, Lack of sleep is associated with stress, stress causes inflammation. Sleep is a time for the body to recover and repair both mentally and physically.

Excess Alcohol;  I had too many watermelon margaritas! They are so yummy. I stopped drinking all alcohol,  you could limit alcohol to 3-5 drinks per week, really depends on how much pain your in, too much alcohol can cause changes in the intestinal lining, allowing bacteria to pass through into the bloodstream, triggering inflammation.

Eat clean, Avoid toxins; so what is a toxin?

At the simplest level, a toxin is something capable of causing disease or damaging tissue when it enters the body.

here are a few to avoid.

Cereal grains; (especially refined flour) contains toxic compounds is the protein gluten.

Refined oils; Omega-6 industrial seed oils (corn, cottonseed, safflower, soybean, etc.)Avoid Rancid Fats: Be careful not to heat oil to the point of smoking. When oil is heated beyond its smoke point, fat oxidation occurs, which turns it pro-inflammatory

Sugar (especially high-fructose corn syrup) About 20 years ago, Nancy Appleton, PhD, began researching all of the ways in which sugar destroys our health. Sugar can cause many problems with the gastrointestinal tract, including an acidic digestive tract, indigestion, malabsorption in patients with functional bowel disease, increased risk of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and allergies.

Processed soy (soy milk, soy protein, soy flour, etc.) Soy is now one of the top 8 allergens in our diets.

Read My article on  soy or  Click here  for a complete list of studies demonstrating the harmful effects of soy products.

 Include these in you day;

Restoring poor gut flora:  Unfortunately, several of the above directly contribute to unhealthy gut flora. Try adding some of these probiotic foods. These include, kefir, sauerkraut, organic miso paste, natto (a fermented soybean), and umeboshi plums – all found in Asian markets or farmer markets, these foods aid digestion and restore healthy bacteria in the gut.

Eat “real food” – unprocessed, whole foods (think organic produce and eggs, pasture-raised meats, and whole grains like unprocessed millet and quinoa). If it comes from a plant, eat it. If it’s made in one, don’t.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: The Omega-3/Omega-6 balance is crucial to reduce inflammation.

Increase your amounts of hemp oil,hemp seeds, flax oil, flax seeds, walnuts, wild-caught salmon and fish oil if you feel you aren’t getting enough Omega-3s, or take a high-quality supplement.

Quality Multivitamins; the key is to find a high-quality supplement that have folic acid and B vitamins in particular, zinc, all have been associated with lowering inflammation as well as vitamins C, D and full-spectrum vitamin E.

Antioxidants like Alpha Lipoic Acid, Resveratrol, Grapeseed Extract and NAC.

Switch Up Your Greens; Vary your greens. If you’re going to eat kale one day choose a non-cruciferous, non-goitrogenic veggie dish the next, like a simple cucumber and tomato salad, or beets. Our bodies need many nutrients and by eating a variety of vegetables you’ll ensure that you don’t overload on one and skip another.

Broccoli: High in Vitamin C and calcium, broccoli helps reduce eye inflammation.

Spinach/Kale: These green powerhouses are loaded with carotenoids, an inflammation-reducing antioxidant.

Parsley: Parsley is one of the most nutrient-rich, detoxifying herbs we have. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, an anti-spasmodic and a diuretic, helping conditions from colic to indigestion.

Spice up your life;
Think herbs and spices are only good for adding a little flavour to your food. Turns out many of them also contain high levels of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that can reduce inflammation and dull pain.
Turmeric: Ginger, for autoimmune-related inflammation and pain.

Capsaicin, which is a naturally occurring ingredient in chilli peppers,

Onions and Garlic: Besides being great flavour enhancers, onions and garlic are high in quercetin, a potent antioxidant that helps fight inflammation

Give these steps a try, — and see if you don’t start feeling less inflamed. If you have an autoimmune disease, here is what you need to think about and do.

Your body is a messenger for the soul. It’s never, ever, ever just about the physical. And, when you cleanse physically, you can’t help but cleanse mentally and emotionally, as well.

Let us know, what are your allergies or do you have and what helps you feel normal again?

Healthy Resources

Food as Medicine  Why add Turmeric In this post  I share with I add turmeric to most of my meals

Emotional chart Check out the chart below to see how your emotions affect your body!

Books: You can heal your life by Louise Hay

Blog: The 80:20 rule This principle is best known as an eating plan, but it can be applied to everyday life,

Blog 5 Fermented Foods Everyone Should Eat

Blog; Nancy Appleton 141 Reasons Sugar Ruins Your Health

Video: Second Option -Our panellists explore the relationship between inflammation and disease, and what new treatments lay ahead.

Movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 





Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat


Most of my life I believed that fat made me fat!

I was told it would make me fat and was bad for my heart, that mindset alone took me on a life of struggling with sugar cravings, gaining weight, depression and now wrinkled skin.

My grandma never went on a diet, ran or went to the gym slogging it out every day.

A struggle with weight is such a common experience now that we forget that it was not always like this.

Dr. Mary Enig, a nutritional biochemist, argues that we are now obese because we stopped eating saturated fat. She makes these points:
We’ve always eaten saturated fat.

  • People from every culture traditionally consumed lard, cultured butter, cream, fish roe, eggs, organ meats, insects or coconut. There is no evidence that ancient people were obese, or that they suffered from high rates of heart disease.
  • Fat has concentrated nutrition, which has always been considered important for child-bearing women and children. Even in western culture, pregnant women were advised to eat calf liver three time per week.
  • Fat soluble vitamins A and D are necessary for the absorption of minerals, growth, brain, sexual development and reproduction. The theory that saturated fat causes heart disease is a theory called the “lipid hypothesis”.

‘Does Eating Fat Make You Fat Or Gloriously Nourished?’.

By Dr Libby

Does eating fat make you fat? That is the question! I have met thousands of clients who are afraid of consuming fat. It is understandable as for so many years we were told that eating fat would make us fat. Sadly for the majority of the population, cutting out or eating less fat didn’t make us any thinner for a multitude of reasons. Nutritional information, diets and eating trends move in circles and what appears as always changing, contradicting advice can be confusing and overwhelming at times. Many people have forgotten to notice how their body feels about what they’ve been “told” to consume.

The first thing to note is there are different types of fat so it would be a commonly made mistake to generalise and say ‘avoid fat’ or ‘consume fat’ without first identifying and understanding which type is being referenced.

The good fats: there are three main categories of fats – saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats and all three fats can be obtained from eating wholefoods. The bad fats: most concerning are the trans fats, which are found mainly in processed foods, especially deep fried foods, processed cakes, biscuits and muesli bars and foods with long shelf lives. Trans fats are created when some types of polyunsaturated fats are damaged due to heat. The ratio of fats consumed can also be a problem. Within the polyunsaturated category, there are two types of fat – the omega 3s and the omega 6s. A common dietary error that can have significant health consequences is the regular over-consumption of omega 6 fats compared to how many omega 3s you are eating. You want to focus on eating less omega 6-rich foods which will naturally happen when you eat less processed food and more Real Food.

Fat chosen from real food/wholefood sources is imperative for optimal health. ‘Real Food fat’ is satiating. It can help mediate inflammation in the body, is an integral part of a healthy immune system, is essential for the health of your skin, eyes, nails and hair AND you need to eat fat to help you to burn fat as an energy source!  Consuming the right kind of fat will help you feel happy and content and fuller for longer and most people find their desire for sweet food diminishes with more whole food fat sources in their daily diet.

An adequate consumption of healthy fats play a crucial role in maintaining the health of your precious organs. Some wholefoods are composed of fatty acids that are essential for life, and fatty acids help the body to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins, vitamins A, D, E and K. Even with that tip of the fat information iceberg, I hope you can begin to see that the ‘fat free’ fad took away a much-needed food, fuel and nourishment source from us. What is so sad is that ‘fat free’ mostly meant that the fat was replaced with refined sugars and to counteract increase in sweetness in the food supply, a bucket load of poor quality salt was added! What we were told, took away from our health and sadly we gained nothing in return. The way to not get caught up in food and nutrition fads is the remember that when it comes to food, nature gets it right and it is potentially human intervention that can get it so wrong.

Those who are familiar with my work will know that I encourage all humans to start asking questions and searching for answers when it comes to health. No more are we satisfied with simply consuming something because we are told to without asking why we should consume and how a food will benefit us. It’s very empowering for you to keep asking questions and looking for answers! A focus on health, rather than weight is game changing as is a focus on the nutrient-density of foods, rather than calories.

I wrote my number 1 best-selling books Accidentally OverweightRushing Woman’s Syndrome and The Real Food Chef to provide you with all the health, wellness, hormone, and nutritional answers you seek. Working with clients for over 15 years has given me powerful insights into where misconceptions, fear, and confusion lay when it comes to health.

The Real Food Chef cookbook is loaded with information about the benefits of foods, identifying different food types and mind blowing recipes that will satisfy even the fussiest child or partner. Eating the Real Food Chef way has proven that food that serves CAN be delicious, jaw droppingly good and sweet without it containing the bad fats, refined sugars and man-made, artificial ingredients too many people have become accustomed to.  Click here for  further Real Food Chef Information.

I have shared another blog post on our blog ‘Fat’s That Nourish You From The Inside Out‘ my top 5 fat foods from wholefoods and the benefit each food has on our bodies so you can feel confident that you know exactly what foods benefit you and what is happening inside your body when you eat them.

If you have already begun to eat the Real Food way, I would love to hear from you. Please share on our Facebook page facebook.com/drlibbylive or send us pictures of your Real Food marvels by tagging @drlibby using Instagram and tell us how changing the way you eat has served you and your family.

With warmth,

Dr Libby x

“The most powerful force on Earth is the human soul on fire. Get fired up about amping up your nutrition” Dr Libby

Highly recommend Dr Libby’s latest book…Beauty From The Inside Out!

2014 Your Healthiest Year Ever Starts Today!


 Hey! Welcome to 2014!

Your Healthiest Year Ever Starts Today!

I’m back from a great holiday, I took some time off to spend with my Hubstar Mick.

Mick knocked out walls/windows and put in 3 bi-folds timber doors, while I De-cluttered our rooms, it feels and looks amazing.

We ate lots of amazing foods, enjoyed yummy cocktails, we danced, laughed, we just had a ball.

I’m well rested and pumped, ready to get started for the best year ever.

While we all tend to overindulge over the holidays, like every year after the silly season, we all start off with great intention, set new goals to get fit and lose the fat.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls, emails, and Facebook 
messages, from people, asking the same questions:

“What is the best detox diet?

“Do I need to lift weights to lose weight?”

“Can I spot reduce with exercise?

Like every year there are a lot of new fad diets, detoxing programs, new amazing exercise machine and routines on the market that promise fast permanent results.

Yeh ok they do work for a while, you do lose some fat, and screw up your 
metabolism in the process, so the weight creeps back on, before you know it, you have put that weight back on and even more.  So there we go back into 
that same yo-yo pattern again.

All these are doing is treating the symptoms, a holistic healthy lifestyle, I call the Nutritarian lifestyle is about treating the underlying cause of you weight gaining problem.

And figuring what is triggering your body to hold onto your unwanted weight.

The real solution is discovering the underlying cause of 
your weight problem and addressing and eliminating 
it once and for all.

If your New Year’s Resolution is to eat better or be healthier in 2014 then you are in the right place! We are all about showing you how healthy can be easy, fun,delicious and nourishing.

To get you started  here is a mixture of resources for you, around the concept of starting the new year off with Food4Life not fad diets.

Food as Medicine; Daikon ”Weird White Radish”

Daikon Soup Collage

Daikon radishes have numerous health benefits like aiding in weight loss and cancer prevention, as well as being an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial food.  It’s also great for digestion, as well as bone, skin, and respiratory health. Check out my blog here about this interesting vegetable.


Join me with the Crazy Sexy Miracles lecture with Gabrielle Bernstein & Kris Carr. The beginning of the year is an auspicious time; it provides us with a beautiful opportunity to reignite our goals and renew our commitments.

Are you ready for a year of miracles? Get all the details and snag your spot here.


indexThe Calorie Myth author Jonathan Bailor reveals why eating MORE and exercising

LESS is the key to healthy and long-term fat loss. Topics will include:

How eating less and exercising more actually slows the metabolism
* Just how little fat (and how much muscle) you lose when “dieting”
* How to “unclog” your hormonal system for effortless fat loss
* Why just 20 minutes a week of exercise is all you need,  Learn more about Jonathan’s book at www.caloriemythbook.com


3 Eating Habits That Could Be Making You Gain Weight & Bloat

VideoHunger For Change’, the latest ‘Food Matters’ film, exposes shocking secrets the diet, weight loss and food industry don’t want you to know about. Deceptive strategies designed to keep you craving more and more. Could the foods we are eating actually be keeping us stuck in the diet trap?

They should get you off to a great start to Your Healthiest Year Ever!

Let me know which one you like best?


Resources; http://hubpages.com/hub/Benefits-of-Daikon-or-Chinese-Radish       

My Favourate Healthy Christmas Recipes


Wow 2013…what a year!

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas Happy & New Year.

This week, we are keeping it short and sweet we all have a lot of stuff to do!

It’s hard to focus on your health right now, you’re busy shopping for that special gift, and going to lots of parties.

But I know that in a few weeks, you’ll be VERY interested in some nutritional repair, and ready to soar into 2014 in a abundant way.

You’ll notice below that there are three questions, which I would love your feedback on,  so that I can inspire you to amazing health in 2014.

I have 3 easy question I would love for you to take 2 minutes and give me your thoughts.

  1. What area or topics would you love Jen to cover in her newsletters in 2014?
  2. 2. How do you most prefer to consume information?
  3. 3. If you could ask Jen 1 burning question to answer, what would it be?



The 4 Holiday F,s

Holiday time is about The 4 F’s – Family, Friends, Fun and Food

WE all love food and I know that people who are conscious about what they are eating fear the most about the holidays.

What can I eat! Well Just Relax!

Below are a few of my favourite  healthy recipes from my favourite foodies.


My Favorite Healthy Christmas Recipes

Tis the festive season. So let the hunger games begin.

 Health Coach Jen

They are devilish and are loaded with healthy ingredients.,Superfoods!

Blonde Chocolate Christmas Bark


Andrea Hood

Dairy-Free Egg Nog Recipe

I LOVED egg nog try this dairy free egg Nog it is so yummy


Supercharged Foods

Layered Quinoa Trifle 

Breakfast Lunch or dinner this trifle is so versatile, healthy and yummy


Healthy Chef

Healthy Chef Garden Salad with Figs + Pomegranate


Pomegranate is high in antioxidants especially C to nourish your immune system. Figs are low GI and high in fiber to help keep you full and support healthy digestion.


Wholesome Chef

These simple seared Scallops with a Vodka and Lime Dressing make for a great canapé or a shared starter, especially beautiful when served on their half shell.

Scallops with a Vodka and Lime Dressing


 Sarah Hobbs

Barbecued prawns with ginger and mango mayonnaise

Not Christmas without Mangoes and Prawns


Wellness Warrior

Chocolate Mint Truffles

These are winners take to your next party!



This is amazing,I make my own ice cream. If you want to make the dessert a little more quirky and finger-foody as well.

Try adding the mixture into pop molds and wrap them in paper like theses from Wholesome chef.



Hope you have enjoyed these amazing dishes as much as I have ?

Share with us some of yours!




Are You Still On The Fat Loss Roller -Coaster?

FAT Loss coaster

After recovering from years on the fat loss roller coaster, I know what doesn’t work?

Popular fad diets, liquid diets, and weight loss pills.

While you may want a magic bullet more than anything, fad and gimmicks can actually do more harm than good when it comes to losing and maintaining your weight.

Weight loss is estimated to be a $40 billion industry, an industry that would be most unhappy and out of business if people really did lose weight permanently. If their diet plans/pills worked, then we would surely have a population of fit, happy, healthy, and slim people; and the industry would be self-terminating. It would have served its purpose. Instead, we have diet plans that help people to lose weight to soon regain it with even more.

The insane part is that are always trying to loss the same 5-10 kg we lost last year, that we managed to put back on this year.

Is next year going to be the same?

Here are a few myths that are keeping you on the fat loss roll-a-coaster

Myth: I can use a quickie diet or pill to lose weight and keep it off.

Fact: How’s that working for yah? If it worked you wouldn’t need another diet plans,

pills or fad diets that  do not provide lasting results and can be dangerous.

Diet pills are really dangerous; when you think about it we crave foods, it’s because we are deficient  “think about It” really, are you Clenbuterol deficient? Clenbuterol is a steroid used to treat respiratory illnesses in horses. It’s not approved for human use.

Why do we get sucked in?

There are more crazy diet pills check out these 5 deadliest diet pills

Myth: Starving Yourself Helps Burn Body Fat

Fact: Yes this is true, when you don’t eat, your body will break down stored fat to use as energy. However, when you go off your diet and start to eat normally again, you’ll gain all that weight back.

Myth: If I exercise, I can eat anything I want.

Fact Yes – exercise does burn calories, I used to think this and wondered why I was not getting any result. Remember, just because you’re exercising regularly doesn’t mean you can stop watching what you eat. Stick to your food plan, eat well and stay away from junk processed foods. It’s not about the calories it’s about having a nutritionally balanced diet..

Myth: You Can Target Weight Loss to Certain Parts of the Body

Fact: we call this  “spot training” and it doesn’t burn fat. When you lose weight, you are unable to choose the area in which the fat lose will occur. For example, doing sit-ups will strengthen you abs but will not take the fat off of your stomach.

Myth: You Don’t Need to Exercise or Change Your Diet

Fact: There is not a miracle pill in the world that will help you lose weight without you making changes to your food and lifestyle. You have to put some effort in yourself, eat healthily and take some exercise.

Myth: Low Fat Dieting is the Healthy Way to Lose Weight
Fact: Healthy fat doesn’t make you fat. This myth continues to be the leading cause of heart disease, stroke and diabetes today.

I am a firm believer that food is meant to give us pleasure and nourish us. Yet somehow along the way, so many of us have learned to misuse and even abuse it.

Healthy weight loss is about creating healthy habits and a proper mindset, reducing junk processed food and increasing physical activity. It’s essential to incorporate both the mental and physical aspects to achieve a new lifestyle, allowing you to drop weight and keep it off permanently

Remember that a healthy body weight is an outcome of a healthy relationship with food.

How is your relationship with Food?

I love this quote of Nadine Burke, MD: “When I focused on just nourishing my body, everything else became so much easier; food choices became easier, exercising became easier. It was really just about taking care of myself and treating my self sweet.”

We are nutrition deficient; we are literally starving for nutrition. Our soils are deficient in almost every trace mineral, due to our synthetic fertilizers having depleted the soils, and our chemically “enhanced” foods. Our foods are so nutritionally deficient so we eat more.

And mindset deficient; Most of our failures throughout life are due our own internal self-sabotaging tendencies. Many people remain overweight because they have such a low self esteem that they unconsciously feel unworthy of looking better.

So what’s the answer?

For me the easiest way to make real lasting changes, I needed to not only eat well, but to live well.

As I did the work to change my mindset and believes around nourishing myself, I also transformed my attitude towards my life.  It became obvious to me just how important the right mindset and beliefs are in achieving weight loss, health goals and really, anything else I wanted to achieve in my life.

Once I had the right mindset I was ready for a new lifestyle, I decided to get start with The Reshaping System protocol, for 21/40 days if/when it is done properly reduces weight quickly, efficiently and permanently, eliminates food cravings, physical hunger so you are left to deal with the real issues, your relationship with food. Over the last 4 years I had seen some amazing transformation-coaching clients through this protocol to kick start them to a permanent lifestyle and health changes.

The benefits of this protocol, when followed correctly include, rapid and permanent weight loss, increased energy, a change in hormones, a feeling of wellbeing, clarity of mind, decrease cravings and aches and even arthritic pain.

To find out more visit www.thereshapingsystem.com.au

Superfoods For Super Models


Miranda KerrMIRANDA KERR is one of my favourite Australian supermodel.

                                         So How does she stay stunningly healthy inside and out?

In 2009 Miranda launched KORA Organics: a range of skincare, 100% Australian made with each product offering a unique blend of essential oils, natural and certified organic ingredients. is not just a skincare – it is a lifestyle choice and is fast becoming a community dedicated to the promotion of all things natural, certified organic, sustainable, spiritual and healthy. http://www.koraorganics.com

Do you want to know how Miranda maintains her fabulous skin/hair/body/life? picture-1-135240821521

There are lots of ways you can  make improvements to how you look and feel by learning how best to nourish your body.

Many of us will immediately jump online spending hours searching for the latest supplements and beauty boost and weight loss fads, what if the missing ingredients for soft skin, shiny hair, strong nails and burning fat were literally missing ingredients from our diets?

Miranda Kerr has revealed details about her beauty routine in an interview with Emily Weiss from beauty blog Into The Gloss giving us an insight.

Firstly, she’s a fan of really clean teeth: “Like, I believe in dental hygiene, even on the go, so GUM toothpicks are a must,”

Hair-Wise she’s into using coconut oil as a treatment and apple cider vinegar for shine. To avoid ponging like a fermented salad all day Kerr says: “You put on a little bit in the shower as a rinse, and then wash it out. It stinks a little, but then you use conditioner and the smell goes away.”

Being healthy is the way that I am. I try to keep a healthy house. I have alkaline water filters in my kitchen sink and on my showerheads, so it’s purified and alkaline.

You don’t have to be 100% strict with yourself. It’s about balance, being kind to yourself, and knowing what works, but not feeling like you have to do everything. For me, it’s 80% health-conscious and 20% indulgence. I try to avoid saying ‘always’ and ‘never,’ because we’re human beings, and it’s not always possible. But to be educated and aware of what you’re doing before you do it is the key.”

Miranda Kerr shares some of the SUPER FOODS that are the staples of her shopping basket. Sunday-herald-Sun-Sept-2011-Page-6-Small1

Best of all, most of them are available from your local shop!

What Makes a Super Food

Superfoods are vibrant, nutritionally dense foods that offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. They are powerful sources of clean protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, good fats, essential fatty and amino acids, and other nutrients that offer deep levels of nutrition.

Cacao powder ; Miranda says: “This is one of the best sources of muscle-relaxing, stress-relieving magnesium.    I often use cacao powder in shakes.”Cacao is also rich in amino acids, beta-carotene, zinc and iron. Indulge in Cacao Gold Ecuadorian Organic Cacao Powder

Raw dark chocolate; Miranda says: “This is my weakness. It’s rich in antioxidants though, and I’m happy to remind myself of that!” Aside from its antioxidant benefits, raw dark chocolate is lower in fat than milk chocolate. Try the Loving Earth range from health food stores.

Sweet potatoes; Miranda says: “My son Flynn loves these as much as I do! They can be grilled, mashed and roasted.” Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and low-GI, and also provide fibre and a third of your daily required amount of vitamin C.

Maca root powder; Miranda says: “Rich in amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, it’s great to mix into smoothies, yoghurt, cereal, oatmeal or muesli.”Dubbed “the Peruvian superfood”, the Maca Power range is certified organic and available online at

Certified organic coconut palm sugar; Miranda says: “This is a great substitute for regular white sugar, as it’s low-GI.”An unbleached sugar alternative harvested from the coconut tree blossom. It is low GI so reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Liquid chlorophyll; Miranda says: “I add this to my water most days. It is naturally alkaline and contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids.” Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants that is formed from sunlight and early research suggests it may help protect the body from the damaging effects of too much red meat.

Coconut water; Packed with electrolytes, coconut water is being billed as a powerful natural hydrator. While more research is needed into its health benefits, it is an undeniable source of vitamins C and B, protein, calcium, iron and zinc. It has very little sugar and zero fat.

Chia oil; Miranda says: “I use this or chia seeds in shakes. They’re also great for thickening a healthy muffin mix.”Chia is rich in antioxidants and omega-3. As it has little taste, the oil  can be added to food or used in baking while the seeds are sprinkled on cereals.

Goji berries; Miranda says: “A great snack between meals, goji berries are rich in antioxidants and are said to have more vitamin C than oranges.”
These berries have been part of traditional Asian medicine for centuries. The Goji Power range supports Tibetan causes.

Raw honey ; Miranda says: “It’s 100 per cent natural and deliciously sweet.”
Research shows honey may have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a healthier alternative to cane sugar. Indulge in the Maya Sunny Honey range

Tamari almonds; Miranda says: “I rarely leave the house without a small bag of these. They’re the perfect snack while I am on the road and I can never get enough.”Almonds are high in fibre, low-GI and a source of vitamin E, magnesium and riboflavin.

Organic wine; If you’re attempting a completely organic diet and can’t part with the odd drop, Miranda recommends investigating the new crop of organic wines, many of which are also biodynamic and vegan-friendly. Try the sparkling Blanc De Blanc from Organic One, a boutique winery in southern NSW. (03) 5886 1208, www.organic-1.com

Acai berry powder; Miranda says: “I sprinkle it on my porridge, gluten-free cereal or smoothie.”
Acai berries are a rich source of antioxidants and the powder is easily added to foods. RioLife’s acai products are 100 per cent organic and Fair Trade certified. Available at select health-food stores

Dulse leaf and wakame seaweeds ; Miranda says: “I snack on these throughout the day and also put wakame in soups as it is nutritious and tasty.”  Seaweed is rich in omega-3, iron and calcium and the red dulse variety is also very high in protein.

Noni juice; Miranda says: “This is my worst-kept beauty secret. I drink it daily and noni extract is part of my Kora Organics range. It aids the immune system because of the number of vitamins and minerals it contains.”Noni juice is high in vitamin C and potassium and may have antibacterial properties.

Where do I start ??

Go easy on yourself! You don’t need to be a Super hero chef  in the kitchen to start exploring super food recipes.

Have you tried any of these super foods?

Share some of your favorites recipes  we us.

Here is one of mine http://www.healthcoachjen.com/10-amazing-fact-about-chia-seeds




10 Ways to Enjoy Kale 10 Ways to Enjoy Kale

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